Bitter, Party Of 1.

I had a date with a girl last night from OKStupid. (We’ll get to why I’m calling it that a little later.)  We had talked on the phone twice earlier this week and had decent conversations.  Nothing the blew my hair back about them.  She sounded a little standoffish.  But she also sounded intelligent and looked attractive in her pics.  Cocktails and a bite to eat, why not?

Name on the list.  30 minute wait.  Into the bar for drinks.  Our conversations were light on the phone.  It got heavy and deep real quick in person, which was fine.  The problem was she would ask me questions about certain subjects that I would answer.  But when I asked her the same things, she didn’t want to answer.  She would turn the question back around on me again.  Then, she would knock my answers.  

I started to get a little uncomfortable and it just wasn’t going well.  I think she sensed this and she said, “It seems like you can’t take the heat, do you want to get out of the kitchen?”  I said that I can take the heat, but this kitchen just isn’t really my style.  To which she said, “You’re not really my style either.  Guys like you are why the site should be called OKStupid.”  Then she launched into a short spiele about how she can’t find someone on her level of intelligence… blah, blah, blah.  Just then the hostess came up to us.  Paul party of 2.  I said you can change that to bitter party of 1.  I threw down the money for our drinks and walked.  

Now I don’t claim to be a rocket scientist.  But I have a brain and know how to use it.  But when she made the OkStupid remark, I took a little offense to it as I don’t liked to be lumped into any type of group with that kind of negative connotation attached to it. At the time I was also a little pissed at myself because I broke one of my online dating codes which is if it’s kind of awkward on the phone, it’s probably not going to be good in person.  That’s just the experiences I’ve had and this last date totally validated that.

I don’t think I was wrong in walking out.  But I’m wondering, how do other people handle dates that aren’t going well.  Do you stick it out?  Or do leave when it becomes unbearable?

Back to the online drawing board.




Let The Good Times Roll, Not!

Why do married people troll on regular dating sites to meet people?  They have site strictly for sex.  And they have sites for married people that want to cheat.  I met a girl in her early 30s who after three witty phone conversations and one awesome date at a sushi restaurant with a great soft shell crab roll, she told me that she was married.  I liked her.  But being the other man is not my style.

She actually gave me a little shit because she said that most men would jump at the opportunity to hook up with a girl who won’t bother them and would only want to see them for a few hours a week for sex.  I told her that most men (and in reality it’s probably more like half the men) are dipshit assholes that would do something like that.  I’m not most men.

I’m bummed because we actually got along very well and she was attractive.  Back into the pool of fish:)

Soul Mates

What about the women that state in the profile or subject line that they are looking for their soul mate?  Ladies, I haven’t read too many men’s profiles.  So I’m not sure if men write that as well.

Now I’m all for people finding what they want and being happy.  But when you put in your profile that you’re looking your soul mate, aren’t you setting the expectations kind of high from the start?  I understand it might weed out the guys that want to hit it and quit it.  But I would think guys that are open to something very serious and committed might be frightened off.  I am.

Does anyone else feel this way?  Women, do men write in their profiles that they’re looking for a soul mate?  I’m curious.