Thank You Follow Up

First off, THANK YOU to those that offered your opinions about the “thank you” post.

In the most non confrontational way, I brought it up after dinner at a quiet bar over a cocktail.  I flat out asked her why she doesn’t say “thank you” when someone does something for her.  I didn’t say there was something bothering me.  It was a straight up question. She said she thinks it in her head, but that she gets caught up in the moment when the action is happening and forgets to say it, sometimes.  (Never in my presence has she said it.)  She said she needs to say it.  Okay fine.  She smiles and I think to myself that I’m going to let it go.

But then she says someone brought it up to her before.  I wanted to ask why she didn’t start saying it after that.  But I didn’t.  I thought I will wait and see if she starts saying it.  It wasn’t too awkward.  I felt like it should have been though, for her.  I’m wondering if it hit home with her.  Or because I made it easy and didn’t get into how I feel it’s manners 101 and common sense to say it, that she didn’t think I thought it was a big deal when I do in fact think it’s kind of a big deal.  

 I’ll keep everyone posted on what happens.  THANK YOU for reading this:)







When Does Picky Become Too Picky

I’ve gone on a couple dates with a gal I met on Okcupid.  We have a lot in common.  And she’s attractive and intelligent.  But there is one thing that irks me about her.  She doesn’t say thank you.  I buy dinner.  I open the car door for her.  Flowers. But I never get a thank you.  

I didn’t realize it at first.  But then I did and it started to bother me.   I don’t feel like she has a sense of entitlement. She’s very nice and she does give me compliments.  But there’s something about not saying thank you that bothers me.  When we were out to dinner last, I knocked her silverware on the floor so the server would have to bring her clean utensils to see if she thanked the server.  The server did not receive a thank you.  He got a nod and a smile.

She has a lot of qualities that I look for in a woman.  She doesn’t really have any bad qualities that I have noticed.  But I might stop seeing her because of this.  I’ve thought about saying something to her about it.  But the subject seems awkward to me because it seems like  common sense/manners that if someone does something for you, you say thank you.

I’m a picky guy.  But is stopping seeing someone because they don’t say thank you being too picky?