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Soul Mates

What about the women that state in the profile or subject line that they are looking for their soul mate?  Ladies, I haven’t read too many men’s profiles.  So I’m not sure if men write that as well.

Now I’m all for people finding what they want and being happy.  But when you put in your profile that you’re looking your soul mate, aren’t you setting the expectations kind of high from the start?  I understand it might weed out the guys that want to hit it and quit it.  But I would think guys that are open to something very serious and committed might be frightened off.  I am.

Does anyone else feel this way?  Women, do men write in their profiles that they’re looking for a soul mate?  I’m curious.


10 responses to “Soul Mates

  1. everevie

    Yes, some men do advertise that they are looking for their “soul mate”. Truthfully, it seems most people who use that term on an online dating site, are just using it as a catch-all phrase to mean: “Looking for the girl/guy I can spend the rest of my life with”. Which is a really honest thing to put on your profile. And, yes…for many women…it’s also a way of telling the “hit it and quit it” types to move-on.

    Why would it scare you though? You are either looking for a potential long-term relationship or you aren’t. If you are…then you should be glad to have the head’s up that you’re on the same page with someone. If you aren’t…you should be glad to have the head’s up to not waste your time! 🙂

    • While do I appreciate it for the weeding out factor, it scares me because using that phrase almost seems like the person is looking to get married right away. There’s just something about that…it just makes me a little uncomfortable. That’s just me though:)

      • everevie

        I would be less worried about that…than the fact that the person has no imagination…and is comfortable using cliches in an online dating profile. Lol. 🙂

      • Matthew

        I can understand your hesitance here Paul. I’ve felt the same way from time to time. But in retrospect unless someone is specifically on there for a “hit-it-and-quit-it”, almost anyone else on a dating (key word) site is there to potentially meet someone that could equal a life-long relationship.

        It may be cliche to put “looking for my soul mate” because technically it should be implied.

        I don’t really pay attention to those comments anymore. I would say focus that energy on people who indicate if they are looking for a level of relationship less than finding their soul mate. Example; casual sex or they are not looking for a serious thing at this time for whatever reason.

      • fi ⋅

        Yes I don’t like it. It has connotations of neediness (I want to meet someone who fills in all the gaps in my life) and naivety (that such a person even exists). I think its creepy.

      • I totally agree. People that use that phrase are looking for the fantasy and not the real thing.

  2. secretcrushes9 ⋅

    Posting that you’re looking for a potential partner and posting that you’re looking for a soul mate says two different things. Yes, men do put that in their profile and I have to say I steer clear from the soul mate thing. Mostly because I don’t believe there is one “soul mate” for each of us. We may love many people during our lifetime. I think it puts a lot of unnecessary pressure out there by using the word soul mate.

    • I totally agree with your comment. I think over a person’s lifetime, a he or she is lucky to meet three to five great people that fit the bill of what they’re looking for in a long term partner. And if the time is right and they’re aware it, they pull the trigger and marry or be with one of those people.

  3. Here’s what my profile says: “I’m just a chick looking for a dude who will do whatever I tell him to, whenever I tell him to do it! I’m not really sure what I’m saying, because I have had a lot of beer to drink today. I am just a squirrel trying to get a nut. . . but aren’t we all??” . . . .probably a bit crass for a lot of guys, but since tact is not my middle name, I figured I would just let people know it right out of the gate. You would be surprised how many guys have responded to it! lol Best part is, most of them seem to have a sense of humor, which is something I am definitely looking for in a man, so it seems to work well as a “weeder-outer”. I have tried the typical profile crap–you know, about what’s important to me, and soul mate BS and what have you. It really didn’t work. This seems to work pretty well, but don’t know that I have come across my soul mate yet! lol Thanks for visiting my blog! I like yours too! So nice to get the male perspective. 🙂

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