Picture Loophole Date

There are some women out there that should work for Vanity Fair.  They know all the angles.  Seriously, all the angles.

I met up with a girl this past Saturday who had a few pictures on her profile at POF.  She was very attractive in the pictures.  When we met, she was probably 25lbs heavier than her pictures.  It was her.  In the face, she looked exactly like her pictures.  But not so much in the body.  While we were having cocktails, it dawned on me that her pics were all taken at angles that made her look slimmer than she was.  It was a picture loophole.  Yes, it was her in the pics and they were current and were not altered.  But come on.  It wasn’t a fair representation of her.

I hope I don’t come off as shallow.  I’ve been wondering if it sounds that way.  I mean, she didn’t look like I thought she would.  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  Is anyone else reading my blog yet?  If you are, thanks:)


My First Online Date

I’m new to blogging.  So please bear with me.

My dating experience up to the beginning of this year has been “old school” as I like to call it.  I was used to meeting women the old fashioned way.  At the grocery store.  At the gym.  At everybody’s favorite, the bar… wherever.  But then I moved to a new city where I new know one.  I was out of my comfort zone.  Someone suggested I try online dating to meet women.  Holy smokes!  I just didn’t know what I was in for.

I think my first online date might rival anyone’s first online date story.  The woman was 37. Attractive.  Sounded nice on the phone.  We decide to meet at a bar for a drink on a Friday night.  I knew she had a 16 year old daughter.  What I didn’t know was that she was going to be on the date with us.

It was funny at first because their banter was amusing.  The mom and I had drinks while the daughter had pop.  After two rounds, we decided to go to a restaurant that had reverse happy hour to get some food.  I followed them there.  As I we were driving, they pull over into the gas station.  The mom gets out and goes inside and comes out with a 6 pack of beer.  “So I have an alcoholic on my hands,” I’m thinking.  “The places we were going are a few miles apart and you need a drink on the way there.”  I should drove away then.  But I didn’t.

We pull up to the joint and the mom gets out and the daughter stays in the car.  “I’m so sorry,” she apologizes and says she’ll give me the reason when we get inside.  Once we get in our booth, she proceeds to tell me about her daughter’s troubled past, culminated by her just returning home from being gone for three weeks.  I have a heart and felt bad for her.  The 6 pack popped back into my head and I jokingly asked her if she drank the whole thing in the car on the way here.  She told me the daughter was drinking them in the car.  “This isn’t someone I want to have kids with,” I’m thinking.

The daughter comes in with a guy she claims was passing through the parking lot that she new.  The daughter says she’s going to go with this guy to a movie.  A verbal fight ensues between all three of them right in front of me.  It was like a live reality TV show.  The manager made everyone leave.

So the daughter goes with the guy.  The mom had some drinks and I told her I would take her home.  She asked if we could just hang out for a few minutes and then she would be able to drive.  I said okay and we did.  Now for the last 30 minutes or so, her phone is blowing up.  Buzzes and rings.  Finally I said you can answer it if you need to.  She does, on speaker.  As soon as she does, an older woman’s voice comes blasting through berating her on why she and the daughter weren’t answering their phones.  It was her mother.  Three generating of women from that family I met on a first date.  So the mother flips out and wakes up the father, all on speaker phone and says that they are going to come and get her.  i start laughing and the mother hears me and flips out even more.

I ended up leaving.  I had had enough.  She texted me the next day and apologized and asked to see me again.  I politely declined.  I wanted to delete my online account after that.  But no, I kept going.  I figured it could only go up from here.  Right???