When Your Friend’s Girlfriend Maybe Makes a Move

Here’s the skinny.  A friend of mine and his wife were having a party at their home this past weekend.  Another friend of mine who would be attending the party with his girlfriend asked me to pick her up at his place, which is not far from mine.  He was working late and was using her car because his was in the shop.  Then he would meet us at the party.  I’ve met her before.  Sh’s nice.  But she’s one of those girls that makes you seam suspicious of her.  She gives off a a sneaky vibe.

I pick her up.  Conversation in the car was pretty normal.  Except that she kept telling me that I need to get a girlfriend so we can all (mutual friends)  go out together and I won’t be the fifth wheel.  I hate when someone makes a comment like that to me.  She kept rattling off friends she wanted to hook me up with.  Anyway, we get to the party.  Everything’s fine.  Everyone’s drinking and having a good time.  I was sitting on the couch.  I was rubbing my neck because I slept on it wrong the night before.  All of a sudden, I feel hands massaging my neck.  I turn and it’s my buddies girlfriend.  Now, I’m not a scumbag in any way.  And even if I was, I wouldn’t let a friend’s girl start rubbing me in the middle of a party.  That’s disrespectful.  I push her hands off and tell her I’m good.  She told ME it’s fine and that I looked like I needed some loosening up.

Later on in the night, I’m talking to a group of people and I feel hands on my neck again.  I shook them off and turned.  It was my buddies GF again.  I gave her a dirty look.  Then she tries to make it out to the other people standing there that I’m a weirdo for throwing her hands off and not taking neck rub.

I wanted to to go right to my buddy and tell him what happened.  On my way, I was stopped by hostess of the party who saw what transpired the second time and asked me what was up.  I told her.  She told me that she didn’t like the GF either, but not to tell our friend.  She said that maybe she had a little too much to drink and was just being flirty.  So I backed off and let it go.

It’s still on my mind.  I know some times women do get touchy feely and flirty when they drink.  And my friend does seem to really like her and I don’t want to upset him.  But my gut is usually right.  I think she is sneaky and who knows what she could be doing behind his back.  Further more, he is a little gullible, especially with women.  He has a soft heart and is really easy going and laid back.  Sometimes, too much for his own good.

What do my wonderful followers think.  Should I say something to him?