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Thank You, But No Thank You

For those of you that were following me and my “Thankless” gal, it ended this past weekend.  She felt that our senses of humor were too different and I might be too high energy for her.  She did thank me though:)


9 responses to “Thank You, But No Thank You

  1. New Single Guy ⋅

    Well, at least it didn’t end acrimoniously.

  2. Wait, what happened to the Starbucks girl? Still going to meet her again?

  3. Sorry to hear that but seriously, she wasn’t for you. She’d never appreciate you. If she couldn’t say the two simple words that show people you care, good riddens. All you can do is thank her for the lesson she taught you and the entertainment she gave us. What’s your lesson you ask? Trust your instinct and the red flags. 😉 Someone better is coming along and you won’t have to teach them simple social graces.

  4. Recently single, stumbled across your blog, funny, interesting, and addictive. Keep it comming 🙂

  5. Bummer. I disappeared from my blog for a bit because I was seeing someone too. That, too, ended. I wish you good luck, bro. Online dating is… well. We read each other’s blogs. We know.

  6. I have suspended my online dating for the time being, because I am pretty sick of what the pond has to offer. Not sure where you live, but hope you have more to choose from. I guess it’s nice that she finally said thank you. Keep being high energy!!

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