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When You Meet Online Offline

I was in Starbucks the other day and struck up a conversation with a girl in line.  She commented on the color of my shirt.  I commented on her decorative glass frames.  Neither of us were in a hurry.  So we sat down and drank our coffee together.

Early on in our conversation, it was revealed that she is a veteran of the online dating world.  I still consider myself a rookie as I’ve only been doing it for the last few months.  (That still constitutes rookie status, right?)  She had some great stories as she has done it on and off for the 12 years.  I shared some of my stories.  We laughed for a half an hour before we were both on our way.  

Anyway, we decided to talk early next week to schedule a date.  I thought it was ironic that we’re both on online dating sites, but we met the old fashioned way.  We’ll see what happens.  Maybe I’ll have to start a new blog, 35andnotonlinedatinganymore:)


7 responses to “When You Meet Online Offline

  1. Isn’t this how most of us imagine that we’ll meet that someone special? I think we hope for a very natural process where all we have to do is show up and simply be ourselves. It sounds like you could be on your way.

  2. maryfreemannyc ⋅

    That’s awesome! I sometimes feel like meeting the old fashioned way is better than online. At least you know that you’re attracted to one another when you meet someone that way! Now, if only men in nyc would start approaching women in Starbucks! 🙂

  3. That’s great! One of my co-workers met his wife at Barnes & Noble. They were both looking at the same book, struck up a conversation, ended up having coffee and now they have been happily married for 3 years. No online dating required. I will say though, if online dating does anything, it reminds you of the things you like and the things you don’t. Besides every experience brings us to where we are today.
    Good luck on your date next week and keep us posted as to how it turns out.

  4. Matt79

    I’ve just started reading your blog – that’s a cool story of kind of meeting someone through online dating but in the real world! So far I’ve just read this post and the “Bitter” one – wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had a date as rude as that. Clearly she had some issues – at least it makes for good blogging material though!

  5. Denim ⋅

    Ah, DFP… I have been waiting to see an update, and nothing yet?? Does this mean I still have a chance? 😉

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