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Picture Loophole Date

There are some women out there that should work for Vanity Fair.  They know all the angles.  Seriously, all the angles.

I met up with a girl this past Saturday who had a few pictures on her profile at POF.  She was very attractive in the pictures.  When we met, she was probably 25lbs heavier than her pictures.  It was her.  In the face, she looked exactly like her pictures.  But not so much in the body.  While we were having cocktails, it dawned on me that her pics were all taken at angles that made her look slimmer than she was.  It was a picture loophole.  Yes, it was her in the pics and they were current and were not altered.  But come on.  It wasn’t a fair representation of her.

I hope I don’t come off as shallow.  I’ve been wondering if it sounds that way.  I mean, she didn’t look like I thought she would.  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  Is anyone else reading my blog yet?  If you are, thanks:)


13 responses to “Picture Loophole Date

  1. New Single Guy ⋅

    I haven’t actually had that happen yet. I hope it never does.

  2. Back in the day the term was the “MySpace Angles” when girls had photos that downplayed their robust size.

  3. Denim ⋅

    No, I don’t think you are shallow. Physical attraction is important! And no one wants to be surprised on a first date by things that you thought you knew (she is blonde, she is thin, she is facial-hair-free…) I had this happen with height. The guy stated he is 6’1″ tall, and appeared taller than the other folks in the couple group shots on his profile. Shows up for the date and he is MAYBE 5’10” tall. I am 6′ tall, and I REALLY hate dating guys shorter than me-because it makes me feel awkward and graceless. The date’s response when I asked why he lied about his height? “I rounded up.” WTH???

    • I’ve heard from other women that the main thing men lie about is their height. It’s funny you mentioned that. I am actually 6’1. Not long ago, I dated a girl that was 5’11. So I was taller. Except when she busted out the 4 inch heels. She loved wearing heels and I loved her in heels. But it became a problem when we went out. We stopped dating because of it because she would always bring it up that she was a few inches taller. It was like a struggle for her because we had a good time together but she was always bringing it up. I just couldn’t listen to it anymore. Anyway, I see where you’re coming from.

  4. Steve A ⋅

    I met this woman on OK Cupid. We got along great, flirted, I liked her photo, she must have liked mine I guess. We get to the meeting point, and someone completely different is standing there. I guess if I squint it’s the same person. Not only is she at least 30 lb heavier, but 10 lb of it is in her neck! You know how some people have double chins? She had a double neck. I could probably write a routine for Jerry Seinfeld about this. I had to excuse myself less than 2 hours in because it was just pathetic. I couldn’t look at her. That was the last date I ever went on, probably for good.

    • I don’t know what people are thinking when they know they don’t look like their pic and then make a date and show up for it. Did you say anything to her about it when you were leaving?

  5. chellykay

    I’ve been on my fair share of dates with men that I’ve met on POF, I think I’m at #9 about now. I update my profile and pictures every few weeks or so to stay current and I always make sure to have at least one mirror/full body shot. I take the pictures of myself and I only post them if I like how I look in them. Why would I put up a picture of myself that I don’t like? Nobody does that. But on the other hand, I make it known on my profile that I’m not a skinny girl. With the exception of the very last guy I met; no guy has ever accused me of not looking like my pictures. (Or I just won everyone else over with my amazing personality lol!) And honestly, that guy was just a creep and was going out of his way to insult me. But the I HAVE been on the receiving end of the “MySpace Angles.” That particular guy that accused me of being dishonest about my pictures? He was 20 pounds heavier and looked much older in person. So, guys are guilty as well 🙂

    • dramafreepaul ⋅

      Angled photos are what my next post is about;) And I’m sure guys are way worse than women.

    • I agree that if you are also declaring that you are not a skinny girl then you are being honest, if they don’t read, that is on them! I want no surprises no more than the person I am meeting but I do not feel I have to post unflattering photos of myself to be considered honest. Not sure what the angle is to make your ass look smaller anyway LOL

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  7. I do my best to put a mix of the beautiful shots and the average ones. There is a fine balancing act required when it comes to attracting and accurately representing. I wrote a little post on online dating etiquette myself:

    I can say I’ve never left an online dating experience without having a good story to tel my friends afterwards. So much fun.. haha xx

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